The Proactive Approach

The City of Lake City is taking a proactive approach to Business and Economic Development which encourages the growth of existing businesses in the community as well as the relocation of medium to large size corporations to Lake City and the surrounding “Tri-City” area of Forest Park, Lake City and the City of Morrow.

Business Initiatives

Some of the initiatives the city is taking as part of this proactive approach are the:

  • Establishment of tri- city synergy with our neighboring cities while partnering with the Clayton County Department of Economic Development, AND the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Development of a Downtown Development Authority (DDA), Enterprise Zones, and Opportunity Zones which will provide incentives to grow our commercial sector and to add the impetus in gaining certain state and federal grant money.
  • Development of a Merchants Committee to encourage input from local businesses. The City Council has placed a priority on encouraging the expansion of existing businesses, and supporting new businesses which would bring good jobs to Lake City.
  • Creation of a marketing campaign to include a promotional video and other public relations material such as brochures and mailers from the city to corporate executives in selected industries that may be expanding their locations in the future. These initiatives will be supported by a new zoning ordinance which will capture the thrust for an improved thematic image for the city.
  • Passage of a Registry of Vacant Commercial Properties Ordinance and follow up activities to assist in improving vacated commercial properties.

What is the Tri-City Area?

The “Tri-City” area is the immediate geographic area in and around Lake City and consists of the City of Lake City and the Cities of Morrow and Forest Park. This unique area consists of the I-75, I-85, I-285, and I-675 corridor’s which are connected together by Jonesboro Road and Forest Parkway. This area is uniquely placed near the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and contains extensive logistics and shipping, transportation, manufacturing and warehousing infrastructure to include more than 5 million square feet of industrial, manufacturing and warehouse/distribution space.