Lake City Community Services

Community Services - Public Works

Public Works Department focuses primarily on projects and programs that affect the city’s roadways, sidewalks, curb and gutter, and easements for power or telephone lines. The department is also involved in Economic Development project reviews, drainage and storm water services, and street maintenance.

Sanitation services provided by Public Works consist of a weekly leaf and limb pickup, special bulk item pickups of trash and dry goods, and curbside sweep truck pickup of leaves.

The Public Works Department is also in charge of the maintenance of the City of Lake City’s three recreation areas; Lake City Community Park on Phillips Drive, Willie R. Oswalt Nature Park and the Lake City Community Center.

Community Services - Code Enforcement

The Lake City Mayor and Council have adopted City Codes specifically designed to address blight and nuisances and to help maintain a clean environment for all citizens in our community.

The Code Enforcement Department promotes excellence by enforcing a compliance program to assure a fair and balanced approach in code enforcement by encouraging input from the City’s residents.

The primary mission of the Code Enforcement Division is to ensure the safety and welfare of the City and its citizens by enforcing the City codes and ordinances in residential and commercial districts. This objective includes addressing violations and issues such as:

  • Dumping
  • Tall grass
  • Property maintenance
  • Junk vehicles
  • Commercial Property issues
  • Large vehicles in residential areas
  • Illegal signs
  • Zoning issues
  • Enforcement of business licenses (occupational taxes) and construction permits

When addressing violations, due process is provided to all code violators. Code Enforcement issues verbal warnings, written notices, and summons to appear in Municipal Court.

Court fines range from $150 up to $1,000 per violation, as determined by the judge. However, no fine can exceed $1,000 per offense.

Code Enforcement holds a high level of respect and fairness to our citizens, business owners, and visitors, as we enforce the codes and ordinances of the City of Lake City.

To Report a violation call 404-366-8080

Community Services Director Eddie Robinson

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