What are the hours of operation of the Lake City Police Department Administration Building?

Monday through Friday 8am until 5pm not including holidays. After business hours non-emergency contact may be made at 404-456-0268. After hours cannot provide citation, court or report information to you as these offices are closed. All emergencies dial 911.

Where do I pay a traffic fine?

You can pay traffic fines at City Hall located at 5455 Jonesboro Road, Lake City, GA 30260 or call 404-366-8037 for more information. Traffic citations may also be paid online here.

Where can I get a copy of a report?

Reports can be picked up from the Police Department located at 5455 Jonesboro Road, Lake City, GA, phone number 404-366-8035. Report processing times may vary depending on the circumstances of the incident. Most reports are available to the general public within 3-5 business days of the initial incident. Information contained within a report will not be provided over the phone. Completed reports are available Monday – Friday from 8:00am until 4:30pm.

Where can I get a copy of an accident report?

Accident reports are available online via www.buycrash.com within 3-5 business days of the initial report. The Lake City Police Department is not responsible for issues related to the online purchase of accident reports from buycrash.com and is unable to provide assistance or answer questions regarding the site. For further information please refer to the buycrash.com website. Reports are usually available three to five business days after they are taken. Motor vehicle accident reports are provided to those directly involved in or otherwise identified within the original report. A written statement of need form must be completed by all uninvolved parties requesting access to motor vehicle accident reports before access shall be granted.

What phone number to call in case of a medical or police emergency?

Call 9-1-1 for a medical or police emergency. The Communications Operator will ask the needed information and dispatch police, fire and/or emergency medical personnel.

How do I file a police report?

Call 911 and an officer will respond to your location (you must be in Lake City) to file your report. You can also come to the police department at 5455 Jonesboro Road, Lake City, GA 30260. An officer will come to the lobby to take your report; this can be done Monday through Friday from 8am until 5pm. We do not take police reports over the phone.

If my vehicle was impounded or towed, what wrecker service do you use?

Forest Park Wrecker
4999 Courtney Drive
Forest Park, GA 30297

Can I get a criminal history background check?

Yes, the cost is $20.00 per purpose code. A charge of $0.10 per page shall be applied for additional copies. We do not accept checks, debit, or credit cards. Criminal history background checks are conducted Monday-Wednesday and on Fridays from 9:00am-4:30pm. Due to court proceedings, background checks will not be conducted on Thursdays. Requesting parties must provide a state or federal issued photo I.D. card and are required to complete an authorization form at the time of the request.

Is it possible to request extra patrol or a residence watch while out of town?

Yes, call 404-366-8035 and give the information to the police department.

Can I get fingerprinted at the police department?

No, fingerprinting can be done at the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department.

If someone is arrested by the Lake City Police Department, Where will they be taken?

They will be taken to the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department 678-479-5390.

What are the fees and payment options?

Acceptable forms of payment: cash or money orders. We do not accept checks, debit, or credit cards.

Accident Report(s) – $5.00 per report
Incident Report(s) – $0.10 per page
Miscellaneous Report(s) – $0.10 per page
Digital Media Video – DVD – $10.00 per DVD (can only be picked up in person)
Digital Media Photos – DVD – $10.00 per DVD (can only be picked up in person)
Location Specific History Reports – $0.10 per page
Subject Specific History Reports – $0.10 per page
Additional Copies Not to include Digital Media – $0.10 per page