“The professional men and women of the Lake City Police Department are dedicated to maintaining a safe community and exceptional quality of life for the residents, business owners, and visitors in Lake City. ‘To Protect and Serve’ is not just a decoration on our patrol cars but rather a core value of our agency. We recognize that in order to protect we also have to serve. A famous quote from Sir Robert Peel says that the police are the public and the public are the police, which essentially means it takes both working together to keep our community safe. Our intention is to provide a level of customer service to the community that fosters a reputation of trust and integrity and nurtures a strong partnership with our community. Working together we can keep Lake City a safe place to live, work, and visit.” – Police Chief Anthony Whitmire

Patrol Division

The Lake City Police Department currently has 16 full-time sworn Certified Police Officers and one Administrative personnel. The police department has three shifts of Uniformed Officers providing 24 hour a-day coverage to the city. The department responds to all calls for service and enforces the traffic laws of the State of Georgia. The Lake City Police Department generally has a two-minutes or less response time to calls for service.

Criminal Investigation Division (CID)

The Lake City Police Department has two full-time sworn Investigators that control all phases of Criminal Investigations, including evidence collection through the processing of crime scenes. The Investigation Division works hand-in-hand with the Office of the District Attorney, Clayton Judicial Circuit and with the Clayton County Solicitor’s Office as well as other law enforcement agencies, as required, throughout the State of Georgia, in the efficient prosecution of criminal cases.

Code Enforcement

The Lake City Mayor and Council have adopted City Codes specifically designed to address blight and nuisances and to help maintain a clean environment for all citizens in our community.

The Code Enforcement Department promotes excellence by enforcing a compliance program to assure a fair and balanced approach in code enforcement by encouraging input from the City’s residents.

The primary mission of the Code Enforcement Division is to ensure the safety and welfare of the City and its citizens by enforcing the City codes and ordinances in residential and commercial districts. This objective includes addressing violations and issues such as:

  • Dumping
  • Tall grass
  • Property maintenance
  • Junk vehicles
  • Commercial Property issues
  • Large vehicles in residential areas
  • Illegal signs
  • Zoning issues
  • Enforcement of business licenses (occupational taxes) and construction permits

When addressing violations, due process is provided to all code violators. Code Enforcement issues verbal warnings, written notices, and summons to appear in Municipal Court.

Court fines range from $150 up to $600 per violation, as determined by the judge.

Code Enforcement holds a high level of respect and fairness to our citizens, business owners, and visitors, as we enforce the codes and ordinances of the City of Lake City.

To report a violation call (404) 366-8035 or email Vincent Feltus at vfeltus@lakecityga.net.

Police Chief Brett Stanelle

Phone: (404) 366-8035

Email: bstanelle@lakecityga.net

Bio coming soon.