Lake City Mayor & Council

It is our belief that the government of the City of Lake City is here to serve its residents. Our elected officials strive to be professional, courteous and competent in our dealings with each other and all of the citizens in our great community. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Mayor Ronald Dodson

Serving Lake City Since: 2018 Ronald Dodson's Bio

Councilmember Lorraine Hoover

Serving Lake City Since: 2015 Lorraine Hoover's Bio

Councilmember Chris Craven

Serving Lake City Since: 2018 Chris Craven's Bio

Councilmember Chyna Kyles

Serving Lake City Since: 2020 Chyna Kyles's Bio

Councilmember David Brown

Serving Lake City Since: 2022 David Brown's Bio